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The Isuzu D-Max is the best Pick-Up in the region

Welcome to Bakhashab Brothers Co., Ltd.

Bakhashab has entered the new millennium as one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia. Through superior performance, it has built value for its customers. The company strives to be a team of exceptional people who consistently exceed customer expectations every day.

We begin this century with a clear vision that includes a renewed dedication to these principles. But from these have emerged a new set of strategic goals that will make Bakhashab the company of choice in today's and future marketplace.

Bakhashab is serving as the authorized dealer of ISUZU commercial and recreation vehicles in the eastern and western province of Saudi Arabia.

ISUZU company is one of the leading companies presents large verity of commercial cars to meet any of your needs.

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ISUZU D-Max 2018
ISUZU D-Max 2018
ISUZU D-Max 2018
ISUZU D-Max 2018
ISUZU D-Max 2018
ISUZU D-Max 2018
ISUZU D-Max 2018
ISUZU E-Series
ISUZU N-Series



At the heart of every ISUZU vehicle lies our tried and tested truck DNA – a refined combination of power, efficiency and reliability developed over a century of specialist engineering. One of the world's leading diesel engine and commercial vehicle manufacturers, ISUZU has produced over 25 million of the most advanced, reliable diesel engines in the world. Just ask our customers.


ISUZU continues to build a reputation for diesel engines since developing Japan's first air-cooled automotive diesel engine in 1936.
Constant technological improvements, innovations and in depth experience across the production of over 25 million diesel engines means
ISUZU is an established global leader in developing capable and efficient engines for all kinds of application.


ISUZU engines have long been famous for their superior fuel economy. Cutting edge technologies found in the fuel system, turbocharger, gearbox and the vehicle aerodynamics are key contributors.

Many design secrets and cutting edge technologies contribute to the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Our vehicle’s aerodynamic body designs, for example, were tested in Japan’s bullet train wind tunnels to ensure maximum aerodynamics and minimal drag.


ISUZU safety is always the first thought. Careful attention to detail allows ISUZU to deliver higher levels of active safety features. Intelligent cabin design allows excellent road visibility while Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA) and projector headlamps actively work to keep drivers alert to potential hazards and in control

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